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What we do

DeNové Services provides resources for the transition from contract win through to the operation of the contract. We work with clients across Europe.

Our InnovateOperate™ methodology delivers robust design and solutions management, for clients who require technical expertise during the bidding process and/or following contract win.

We’re unlike most other consultants, we value individualism over the usual formulaic attitude. And our real-world corporate experience means, we know that to be successful, strategic advice must remain grounded in practical context; We deliver results.


This is the best I’ve seen, anywhere.


DeNové Services Ltd. was founded in 2011, its roots and history go back until 2006, when it was a project management division of DeNové LLP.

The company was established by Stan Baldwin who is a  highly adept project manager and has a genuine talent for implementing services – both for their clients and for DeNové Services itself.

This valuable pool of expertise has led to year-on-year growth and considerable success both in the UK and Europe.

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